Why are Orc Warriors so sexy.

KLK needs to stop making me cry every episode.

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What if I said the Dragon Age Toolset isn’t working for me? Help?

I install it, and it gives me an error - then puts me in a demo version.

It also causes my game to be without an ‘asset’ to play, so… ?

..Why is this Piers Morgan person talking.

This girl might be on ME3 Multiplayer. Alert the press.

Rebuilt my computer, and installed Windows 8. I’m happy to be 100% back!

Elsa’s part in that reprise. . I can’t stop replaying it. Idina is wonderful! 

If Jer stops by and attempts to play a “good brother” role. . HAAAA

I’m honestly looking forward to restarting my ‘lock. All the gold, gear, achievements, mounts will be from my doing and not from the cross-server/faction bullshit, + certainly not accumulated from taking coin off of my “brother“‘s characters. Besides, I get to PvP again. . /drools

Wanna ever know what it’s like to have a Warcraft character stolen from you? +

Don’t have a brother like mine. 

I’ll be getting more parts to build my PC once more! ‘Tis my b-day present. <3

I keep fangirling over how great Roy Khan in Kamelot sounds live. Jesus..

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Liz, did you get my past messages? Tumblr is eating the ones I send. ;n;

Sleepy Hollow…

I’ve totally disregarded what month it is? So as of like. . January 1st, ‘12, I’ve been a diehard fan of Mass Effect & Dragon Age. Two years have flown by. ~w~